Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Black Shows On YouTube

I am an avid TV watcher, to the point where I see it as an addiction. Don't judge me. That is why I don't have cable at home and I keep my TV viewing to a minimum. There is also the fact that not many shows represent the diversity of the Black community. If they do, it's stuck in little niches on networks who rank low on my scale of enjoyable programing. Don't get me started on reality shows. Yes, I got sucked in at the beginning then I really stepped back and asked myself "What the hell am I watching. Then I discovered YouTube.

Hmmm, where did it all begin? I would say it was about two years ago. A FaceBook friend put up a link to Awkward Black Girl. To say I got sucked in by the genius of Issa Rae is an understatement and I'm not alone. Pharell Williams liked her work so much that he had the show join his channel, I Am Other. But it didn't end there.

Through Issa Rae, I discovered the following
And these are just a few I've come across. There's a couple I've yet to see in their entirety like SPIN, PuNanny Diaries, The Complex, Relationship Games and Anacostia.

I'm not saying that the story lines are stellar or the acting is out of the world for all of them but they can hold their own compared to some of the things you would find on basic cable. I'm Just Saying. I'm happy to see Black folk making quality programmes instead of bemoaning how Hollywood are not giving them roles. Kudos to them all.

Here is one of my favourite clips:

If you know any webisodes I should check out and add to the list, leave a comment below.

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